Top Golf Trolleys under £100

By Fore Right
Top Golf Trolleys under £100 1

We all know golf can be a very expensive hobby and we also know that carrying a golf bag round on your back for 18 holes isn’t that fun! We’ve made a short list of our top 5 budget golf trolleys for under £100.

In order of price, cheapest being first, our list consists of some of the top names in golf trolley manufacturers but at a decent price point, all these trolleys have fantastic customer reviews as well.

1- Caddymatic Golf Pro Lite 3 Wheel Golf Trolley – £69.99

This feature-packed golf trolley represents exceptional value for money and comes in at number 1 on our list. Its quick fold mechanism and quick release wheels mean it’s ready to go back in your trunk in just a few seconds and is easily stored. The trolley has three wheels which provide great stability on all terrain, and the option to either push or pull the trolley around the course. The colour combo is pretty snazzy too!

All in all, with the list of features this golf trolley has to offer and all for under £70 we can’t complain one bit!


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Scorecard/ball/tee/pencil holder
  • Drinks bottle holder
  • Foot brake
  • Durable nylon bag straps with snap lock buckles
  • Smooth running ball bearing wheels

Also available in red/black and black.

2 – EZE Glide Cruiser Golf Trolley – £69.95


The popular Eze Glide golf trolley range  The easy push design will soak up any 18 hole you throw at it. The white finish on this trolley gives it a fresh look. The trolley features an adjustable bag bracket and shaped base that support your golf bag without the risk of it tipping over. 

The footbrake allows you to park the trolley on uneven terrain without fear of it rolling away and is an essential feature of any golf trolley. This trolley from EZE features some added luxuries including a soft grip handle and a drinks holder. The handle is adjustable so that you can move it into a position most comfortable for you, which is a welcomed feature. 


  • Easy push design 
  • Soft grip handle
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Durable nylon bag brackets
  • Two stage easy fold design
  • Foot brake



The Xtreme Rider by Bigmax is a quick folding and simple to use golf cart, packed with a whole host of features that you will find useful out on the course. Including, oversized handle with storage compartment, built in drinks holder and scorecard and golf ball holders. 

Its unique design allows for it to be put up in seconds with one simple movement. This trolley also comes with the added benefit of a free umbrella holder, which is a feature some of these cheap trolleys don’t usually include, and one that we unfortunately have to use more often than not here in the UK.


  • Durable elasticated bag straps 
  • Oversized soft grip handle with built in Storage compartment
  • Ball holder 
  • Scorecard holder 
  • Pencil holder
  • Tee holders 
  • Built in Drinks holder
  • Foot brake
  • Adjustable height handle
  • Free umbrella holder – RRP £19.99 

4 – CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5 V3 Deluxe Golf Push Cart – £82


The CaddyTek trolley is one of the lightest trolleys on our list, weighing just under 5.5kg, making it great for those who have trouble lifting some of the bigger trolleys in and out of the car. The trolley has a mesh net to hold any belongings (or snacks) you might have and as an added bonus the CaddyTek CaddyLite also comes with an umbrella holder and cup holder. 


Well built with a great price point, this is a popular choice for those looking to spend under £100 on a golf trolley.

Also available in black/green.

5 -Ram 3-Wheel Golf Trolley – £89.99


As the most expensive trolley on our list, the Ram 3-Wheel doesn’t give you any extra bells and whistles that you might have hoped for, but the build quality and up-market looks definitely mean it can compete with the others listed before. 

This golf trolley is built to give you the highest levels of maneuverability, thanks to the freely rotating 360° SwivelEase front wheel. You can literally turn the cart on a dime with minimal effort.

The golf trolley also comes with a scorecard holder, and extra wide handle for grip. The built in storage sack gives you quick and easy access to all your gear you need during your round.

As with all of the trolleys on this list, the Ram 3-wheel trolley folds up in seconds to a smaller size for even tighter storage. The only thing this trolley is missing for us is the umbrella holder that the likes of the Big Max and CaddyTek include.

That brings our list to a close but if you think you’ve found a better golf trolley for under £100 let us know in the comments below! 

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