Top 6 putters to have in your golf bag this year

By Fore Right
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Improving your putting skills as well as knowing how to read the green correctly is a critical part of the golfing game. It can really help you drop the score from your round and it sets apart the great golfers from the good. 

Using the Putter

The putter is used differently to any other club in the bag, you stand directly over the ball and use a continuous slow and steady swing, putting is about accuracy and calculating the correct amount of power to use whilst taking into account the curves and banks of the green.

As with any golf club, there are hundreds if not thousands of different manufactures and designs to choose from when buying a new putter. We’ve listed some of the best competitors for 2020s putter of the year.


Evnroll ER2 – £289

The Evnroll ER2 putter is designed to help with consistency in hitting the ball in the sweet spot. Its design gives it a classic putter look, but its grooved face is there to help substitute any miss-hits that may happen, the grooves give a bigger contact surface, which allows the ball to respond more as if it hit the center. 

Evnroll putter’s effects have made this a popular choice for golfers across the globe. The Evnroll putter is a blade-style putter that has a bigger flange while using a shorter heel to toe blade length.  On the ER2, there is also an alignment aid on the flange of the club.

TaylorMade Spider X – £234

This mallet putter offers the best stability and forgiveness.  Its square frame putter head is fitted with two sole weights that are well placed on the toe and the heel to help balance the putter. 

A heavy tungsten back bar is used to manage the swing weight based on the length of the putter. Customers of the TaylorMade Spider X rave about it as being one of the smoothest rolls you’ll get from a premium putter. 

We love the bronze effect that is an option for them to come in as well!

Mizuno M-Craft – £196

The new Mizuno M-craft putters are among the best quality on the market. Made from the same forged 1025 carbon steel they use to make their forged irons, the putter feels and looks great in your hands. 

Deep milling on the face also helps to produce a softer feel and better roll too. With a few different designs to choose from, fittingly called 1, 2 and 3, they have catered for all design and play preferences.

Cleveland Frontline – £135

This putter is different from other brands and models because they are about moving the center of gravity forward from the head rather than the adding weight to the back of the putter which is the more common method. Adding weights to the front of the putter is supposed to make the putter more forgiving on mishits and provide straighter putts. 

The sleek black finish to these putters give them a great appearance and the weights on the front of the face make it stand out from its competitors.

Scotty Cameron – Titleist Newport 2.5 – £369

As with most putter lists out there on the internet, we had to include a Scotty Cameron putter from Titleist. These are incredibly popular even with their high price tag. 

The quality in materials is outstanding and the customer reviews speak for themselves. Since 1991 Scotty Cameron have been producing putters at the top of the game, used by professionals and rookies across the world with a huge following. 

If you’ve got the extra cash to splash this is the choice for you.

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