Our Five Favorite Golf Shoes of 2020

By Fore Right
Our Five Favorite Golf Shoes of 2020 1

While some golfers need golf shoes that focus on providing cushioning and stability for wide feet, other golfers focus on seeking maximum quality and flexibility. Of course, it is challenging when it comes to opting for suitable golf shoes as there appears to be a variety of brands out there in the market, calling out for you to buy their version of the ‘finest’ golf shoes, but do they actually have that incredible grip that all golf shoes need and the spikes to assist with that? Speaking of spikes, are they truly needed?

Although, they do overall give you unsurpassed grip on both wet and dry golf courses, spikeless shoes are neither below them nor above as they boast the benefit of comfort and style entwined in one another. The main advantages of spikeless shoes are versatility and convenience. They enable you to go straight from the 18th green to the 19th hole without the need to change as you would with spikes. Many spikeless styles can also assist as casual footwear you can wear just about anywhere. So why not?

Down below is a list of TOP 5 Golf shoes for 2020. Let us know what you have been wearing this year in the comments below.

FootJoy Tour X 55404 Golf Shoes – £186

This specific shoe offers a wider cleat positioning with Launch Pod Technology to maximise ground force, something that is a significant when the golfer aims for creating power with control during the swing. The FJ Launch Pods with Power Plate in the heel and forefoot aims tour-calibre stability.

Designed with a new Power Strap, the Footjoy Tour X golf shoe forms a harness that controls footwork through the swing for a locked in, supportive feeling. Packed with technology for stability, there is no compromise to comfort. With a Dual Density Fit bed, you benefit from an excellent foot padding, which makes the round even more comfortable when playing. The (upper) of the Footjoy Tour X golf shoe is formed from a luxury performance leather that provides a soft touch with a premium appearance, that enables you to stay in style with the variety of colours it comes in and to make the most of this shoe on the course!

Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoes – £106

As you all may know, Adidas have always been providing people with high quality and fashionable shoes for all sorts of sporting activities, so it would not be a surprise that they designed a shoe distinctively for golf players. The CodeChaos golf shoes assists the player on working on their swing and perfecting their form by these supercharged spikeless Adidas codechaos golf shoes. 

These shoes assure users that every step taken is as light and energised as the one taken before and that each swing taken is secure and confident. 98% of customers who purchased these golf shoes recommended this product and stated it was as comfy as written on the product description, also that it has superb traction on the course.


Again, if comfort is a key for you then the Sketchers Go Golf Elite V.4 would be perfect, offering you with features including a waterproof leather upper, an all-new Grip Flex spikeless traction outsole and the fundamental to comfort a cushioned midsole and Goga Mat comfort insole which are known to provide with the best comfort insoles.

The low drop design created is to keep your foot low to the ground in a neutral position perfect to focus on playing 18 holes in style and comfort. Although, these sketchers aren’t light up, we are sure they would light up your playing style on the course.

Jordan ADG 2 – £99

The Jordan ADG 2 provides you with plush cushioning and a grippy outsole delivering a golf-specific performance you can count on. But why Jordan ADG 2, what makes these shoes part of the top 5? Integrated traction. 

The integrated traction offered to you by these specific golf shoes will enable you to have exceptional grip in several conditions including wet weather which has always been a bit of a sticky issue when it comes to the course.  The leather face gives it an iconic style so you can stand out while performing those rounds also with extra comfort due to the soft foam cushions designed for your every step. 

These shoes are for the golfers who are looking for something a bit different!

ECCO Golf S-Three Gore-tex Golf Shoe – £143

Lastly an amazing shoe that comes with all essentials a golf shoe needs on the course. No matter the weather, the ECCO golf shoe will support your time on the course. The ECCO Golf shoes are designed with maximal attention to how your feet relate to your swing and built to provide luxurious comfort to you from the first time you put them on. ECCO Golf, for these particular shoes have partnered with BOA to bring their innovative closure system to ECCO Golf shoes, adding custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points. Sounds like the perfect golf shoe right? ECCO Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS) is a hybrid outsole design that dispenses more than 800 traction angles for outstanding grip in all playing environments.

Optimised for on-course use, Ecco provides you with the ECCO SPYDR-GRIP’s naturally placed pivot points deliver a strong foundation from backswing to follow-through – for support where you need it and long-lasting comfort.  The new outsole that is provided exploits soft curves that provide an innovative fresh style and decrease the clogging of dirt due to the optimised spacing between he studs. Operating innovative zone technology, the new ECCO TRI-FI-GRIP is engineered to support every aspect of your golf game.  Attributable to the durable TPU construction, ECCO TRI-FI-GRIP can be appreciated on and off the fairways. So, what’s stopping you from purchasing this fabulous golf shoe that offers exceptional deliverance on the golf-course? Below is a link of where you could purchase these shoes that also comes in a several colours.

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