LocoPro – The new website for golfers to find top-rated golf coaches near them

By Fore Right

We’ve been working closely with a new website that launched last week that goes by the name of LocoPro.co.uk. This new website allows golfers to search for the top-rated golf coaches in their area, across the UK and Ireland.

They’re still quite new to the market and are working on building the coach database up, but the initial take of has been promising, with top coaches across the UK already signing up their profiles!

Due to the current Covid climate, not many people will be out playing golf or coaching. But as soon as the courses are back up and running you might be wanting to have a lesson or two before hitting the course, just to freshen up!

This is where LocoProgolf.com comes in handy, the user-friendly system allows you to enter your city or postcode into the search bar and it will return a list of all coaches within a set radius. Previous customers can leave reviews for their coaches as well so you can get an idea of what they will offer and if they’re right for your playing style.

Use the details on their profile to get in touch with the coach and book your lesson. It’s that simple!

We’re wishing LocoPro all the best for the future as we think this could become a great tool for golfers and golf coaches alike.

Go and check them out and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to send it on to any golf coaches you might know, the more coaches that sign up the more useful it will be to us golfers!

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