Exercising from home to help your golf game

By Fore Right
pushups at home workout for golf

Whilst we know you can’t get out to your favorite golf course right now, we thought we would give you a few exercises that will give you real results back out on the courses. 

Often overlooked when people think of training for golf, these exercises can help strengthen a lot of the muscles used when playing, making your shots go further and adding to your endurance.

– Yoga 

Flexibility is a key attribute for any golfer and Yoga is a great tool to improve this. There is also a great emphasis on your core strength, supporting muscle groups and breathing, all will come in handy when it comes down to your golf game. 

One of the great things about Yoga is that all you need to get started is a yoga mat, a small amount of space and you are good to go. There’s thousands of yoga mats to choose from online but keep it simple with this offering from Xn8.

If you’re looking to get into yoga there are loads of free videos on YouTube from instructors that we found really useful, we recommend following these guys on YouTube who have done some great golf specific yoga videos:

– Pilates

In the same way Yoga can help build particular muscle groups to make them stronger, Pilates has a particular focus on stability, mobility and posture which can help prevent injuries as well as increasing your golf distances. If Tiger does it…shouldn’t we all? 

As with yoga, we recommend checking out YouTube for some guidance when starting out, 

These resistance bands will help you work on that swing.

– Wrist Strengthening

Having a strong wrist and forearm (keep your head out the gutter please) helps you keep control of the club during the swing.  Strengthening your wrist and forearm will help control the club throughout the swing and help achieve a longer distance with your clubs. A strong wrist and forearm will also help keep the club face square through impact while delivering more power to your swing.

These things use to be all the rage a few years ago and if anyone has ever tried to use one of these, they know how hardcore just a few minutes workout can be for your wrist, forearm, shoulder and fingers. 

Personally, I have broken my left wrist twice and always found it a weakness when playing golf. This Gyroscope has worked wonders for me and helped speed up the recovery time. 


– Get Ripped so you can Let-It-Rip


Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy are 2 of the best golfers to walk the planet. Both of them have clearly focused on creating an athletes physique, inspiring all golfers to take note. 

If you find yourself getting tired towards the end of your back 9, you may need to increase your cardiovascular fitness levels. Simply upping your daily step count to 15,000+ will definitely help but if you don’t have the time for these long walks, a 30-min run or HIIT session will dramatically help. 

My favourite gadget to track my fitness is the Garmin vivoactive 3 Music. I use this watch daily to monitor my steps, sleeping pattern, heart rate and run times. It can track most sports you can think of, including golf. The GPS might not be as accurate as their flagship golf specific watch range we’ve mentioned in our top 5 golf watches for 2020 post, but it’s perfect for the all round fitness freaks. This is the music version which means you can stream music from Spotify without having your phone on you, you can link it up to your Bluetooth headphones and away you go. 

Here are a few key exercises to help build some muscle whilst at home:

  • Deep Squats
  • Push ups – Vary the type of pushup where possible, for example, feet elevated on the sofa to focus on the upper chest, or keep your hands closer together to really feel the burn. 
  • Mountain Climbers – In a press-up position, keep your core braced, bring one knee towards your chest, then return it to the starting position. Repeat the movement with alternating legs.
  • Plank – Try to do 1 minute at a time, but start at what you feel comfortable with and keep increasing the duration.
  • Burpees with added push ups
  • If you have a set of dumbbells you can chuck in some shoulder press & wrist curls. 

One piece of equipment which has really helped us whilst working from home is a weight bag. We have a 20kg bag which seems pretty reasonable for most exercises I have tried to incorporate with it. 

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