6 Rangefinders to consider in 2020

By Fore Right
Best rangefinders to use golf 2020

Golfers all around the world use rangefinders to accurately find distances to greens and hazards around the golf course. They are a fast and accurate way of knowing exactly how far you have left to hit the pin, the only thing you’ll need to take into account is the wind and how quick the greens are. 

The handheld size means you can carry them anywhere on the course with you and store them in your golf bag when not in use. Rangefinders have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with the advance in technology meaning they are dropping in price to become a must-have tool out on the course.

Most of the rangefinders featured in our list feature a point and shoot functionality, allowing you to quickly find an accurate distance to any point on the course, whether that be a bunker, tree, water hazard, the green, or any other course feature.  

We’ve listed some of our favourite rangefinders available on the market today, but you should also consider looking at our list of top golf watches, as they can provide similar distance information (although a little less accurate) plus additional features.

1 – Precision Pro Nx7 Laser Rangefinder – £129

This rangefinder makes it convenient for all golfers to get accurate readings and help you improve your golfing game. The NX7 Pro will give you all the data you need to help you strike those greens. 

This range finder has a handy little feature that makes the device vibrate after successfully scaling the distance to let you know the number displayed is the correct one. It is built to withstand heavy rain so if you’re not a fair-weather golfer like we are, you can play in all elements like rain and even snow without worrying about it getting damaged. 

The Precision Pro Nx7 is an incredibly accurate tool, and with some additional features, it means that this is a competitor for the best rangefinder available at the moment.

Features include Pulse Vibration, Measures in Yards/Meters, +/- 1-Yard Accuracy, 6x Magnification, Water and Fog Resistant, Protection Plan, and Free Battery Replacement Services.

2 – Garmin Approach Z80 – £470

This is the most expensive range finder in our list, but it has a feature that most others don’t. The additional feature of having a full-colour 2-D overlaid CourseView map on the viewfinder is a really nice touch, and with more than 41,000 courses preloaded onto the rangefinder, you should have no problem using the feature at one of your local courses. 

As well as this, the Garmin Approach Z80 rangefinder includes a ‘PlaysLike’ feature, which adjusts distances based on uphill or downhill slopes on the course, this is really useful if you’re not too sure how to work these aspects of the course out yourself or if you’re playing a new course for the first time.

This rangefinder is packed with features and has to be the most advanced rangefinder available today, but it comes with a hefty price tag of £470. Worth it? We’ll let you decide. 

3 – TecTecTec V Pro 500s – £140

TecTecTec offers a selection of rangefinders and have been a popular choice in the market for several years now, proving to be very renowned.

With excellent online ratings from customers, the brand has earned a good name for themselves. As far as features go this is a pretty standard range finder, with the added benefit of an accurate slope reader to calculate those significant distances where slopes would likely get the best of you. This is a good all-round rangefinder for the money.

4 – Callaway 300 pro – £299

Now with slope technology, the Callaway 300 pro is a popular choice, the slimline and small design make it comfortable to hold compared to some of the bulkier rangefinders out there. A feature called ‘Birdie Technology’ means the device will chirp when you have successfully locked onto the target you wish to measure, some people like it, others aren’t so sure it’s necessary and could be classed as a gimic. 

The Callaway 300 pro has great customer reviews, however, it is quite expensive when you consider other alternatives within the similar price bracket offer a few more features.

5 – Boblov 650 yds – £53

The cheapest rangefinder on our list and a perfect choice for anyone looking to purchase a new rangefinder on a budget. With the added bonus that it takes into consideration slopes when giving you the distances, for the price, this is an absolute no brainer for us. We’re a big fan of the geometric design grip it has as well. 

It has reports of being slightly less accurate when compared to some of the more expensive range finders but for the average golfer, you won’t notice the difference.

6 – Bushnell Tour V4 – £295

A very popular choice and a brand that has built a great reputation in the rangefinder industry, you could buy any product from the Bushnell range and be confident you had a well built and accurate range finder. 

The tour v4 is a great addition to their lineup and offers incredibly accurate data with a few nice additional features, including slope-switch and pin seeker with jolt technology (the device will vibrate when it has locked onto the pin).

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